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November 21, 2016

When we started into this adventure, I approached it as a way to see different areas of the country, and possibly decide where we might like to live.  That was assuming that the nomadic lifestyle was not going to be a permanent one.  So in my mind I thought that we would go somewhere that we might want to consider and basically live there for a month.  That way we'd really get a feel for the place.

So now we're 4 months in and we've only been in 2 places for a month's duration.  Everywhere else has been either just a shorter visit, or a stop along the way to somewhere. So far we've been in something like 18 different locations.  And as it might be easy to start forgetting where we've been, I created a map of our travels.  You can get to it from the main blog page ( 2016 Travels ).

Here's a bit of a broad overview of our travel "plan".  We had always wanted to see Acadia National Park in Maine, but never got out that way.  So we set that as our first destination.  But with my niece getting married at the end of September in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we needed to stay around the midwest after hitting the road in August.  So we went up to Door County in Wisconsin for a month, and then meandered through Michigan until the wedding.  Then we needed to hustle out to Maine before things got too cold there and the parks start closing for the season.  Our next destination is Florida.  We decided to spend our first winter there and have January through early April all planned.  So after Maine, we will just work our way down the east coast, getting to Florida by January.   Right now we are in Williamsburg Virginia for the month of November.

Along the way we've found interesting things everywhere we've stopped.  We stopped at a couple wineries, one in Ohio and the second in New York. Jane wrote about the Ohio one already (see Guests in a Vineyard) and the second was basically just a tasting house next to an apple orchard.  The real vineyard and winery was somewhere else.  But as the season was slow, and their parking lot was big, they offered to let us stay a couple nights.  Given that the price was right (free) and the location was near Watkins Glen, we accepted the offer.

We spent a day hiking in Watkins Glen, which is this cool canyon formation in the finger lakes region of New York. Here's a few pics of it.  I tried to show some with people in them so you can get a size perspective.
There are numerous pools and little waterfalls.  No doubt that this is cool and refreshing in the summer when it gets hot and humid.

This has been a tourist attraction for a long time, now it's a state park.  But all the pathways in it are paved, which makes hiking rather easy.

I had been here as a kid, during one of our family summer camping trips.  But I was probably something like 8 or 10 at the time, and I don't have too much memory of the place. Our next stop was Schenectady, which was basically halfway to Boston.  But we found interesting stuff there too that we might write about.  Our time in Acadia should warrant a post, as it's a really cool place and we were there 9 days.  So look for that to come soon, right after we determine which one of us has to write it!


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  1. Jane & Steve, hello from Laura in Valparaiso, IN. Jane, I miss you. Your necklaces are as beautiful and meaningful as your journals.
    I was unpacking boxes last night and found several postcards I bought when I visited Watkins Glen. It was the first adventure Dan and I took before we married and had the kids. Photos can't do it justice, can they? That whole Finger Lakes area is stunning, especially for someone who is fascinated by the dance between stone and water.
    Jane, is there any way to send you envelopes or small packages?

    1. Ah, thank you, Laura! I'll e-mail you with our mailing address--and a picture of the necklace I made with beach glass from Old Glass Factory Bay on Lake Seneca.



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