We've added a Facebook page

August 17, 2017

If you are friends with one of us on Facebook, then you probably already know this. But if you only read our blog online or get the email version sent to you, then this may be news.

We added a Facebook page called "Our Nest on Wheels." The purpose of this page is to give us an additional outlet where we can post a quick status or a few pictures of something that we are doing or is interesting to us, without the effort and time of writing a whole blog post. We use a Facebook page instead of our individual news feeds so that the content is publicly available to anyone who is interested. You don't need to be friends on Facebook to see it.

This won't change the types of things that we write about on our blog or the frequency of our blog postings. It just gives us an additional outlet for quick updates. And we will post links on the Facebook page to each new blog post that appears here, so if you like our Facebook page, you'll see these links show up in your Facebook news feed.

Here's the location of our Facebook page:

You can view the page and like individual posts. But if you "Like" the page itself, any updates will automatically show up in your Facebook news feed.

Happy reading.

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