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February 23, 2016

from Steve
So, we purchased a motorhome this weekend. Since we've been looking for more than a year, we pretty much knew exactly what we wanted, and were willing to shop nationwide for it. We found the one we wanteda 2015 Itasca Solei 34Tat a reasonable price in New Jersey, so this past week we made a quick trip to inspect, test, and finalize the deal.

Jane's turn
That's my calm, even-keeled husband speaking. I've been bursting to share this news since Steve found this vehicle online and we put down a deposit a month ago! (It seems longer.) That was really decision timeand I'll tell you, it feels very strange to commit to buying a new home without seeing it except in photos. The process is kind of comparable to buying a new car: you know the make and model you want, so you don’t necessarily need to see the actual individual vehicle before deciding to buy it. But it's still a little daunting! The trip this weekend was to confirm that the coach is as advertised (it is) and pay the balance (we did). 

At least, that's the short version. What it looked like, in practice, was us going through a 15-page checklist (Steve is a really good researcher), measuring every single cupboard (the good news: we have 40 inches of closet rod eachenough for everything that's currently hanging in our closets), and test-driving our new nest on wheels. Steve took a picture of me behind the wheel, because we knew otherwise no one would believe it. 
Yeah, I look a little nervous.
We left it (her?) with the dealer until April, when we'll drive our toad out to pick it up. Two more months of waiting . . .

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  1. It makes me happy that you have chosen this lifestyle, as well :) But of course, right?! We danced in the rain together when we were young, and as our hairs burnish with maturity we're becoming free-wheeling creatives~ WEeeeeeeeee!!!

  2. I really hope we can get our homes-on-wheels together for a play date some time! Meantime, keep posting updates on BB. :)


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