Our Toad

February 21, 2016

We're one step closer to hitting the road.

Toad is short for "towed vehicle"the car you see pulled behind a motorhome. Our toad will allow us to drive up narrow roads, see out-of-the-way places, and run errands without taking our entire home along. (Imagine taking your house with you to the store every time you need groceries!)

Our toad is a Honda HRV. The HRV is a new subcompact crossover [Jane's note for fellow automotive illiterates: "crossover" means it's a cross between a car and an SUV]. For us, the focus is on utility. It has the right combination of space and weight. At 2900 lbs, it will tow easily behind the motorhome. But it has a lot of interior space that can be configured in several different ways. And it should fit 4 adults without needing to remove legs or heads.

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  1. Steve,

    I assume you have contacted Terry and Ruth Hager, who have done it for a number of years,


    1. I didn't know that! Can you message us with their contact info? http://nestonwheels.blogspot.com/p/contact.html


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